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Bindery Equipment

The following is a list of equipment that allows us to serve your needs.

Major Equipment
  • Sheridan SP455-S Saddle Stitch/Trimmer
  • w/6 inserters plus cover feeder
    w/ 4th/5th knife and small book attachment
    w/Red, White, Blue & Black & Brass Staples
  • Heidelberg ST - 350 Saddle Stitch/Trimmer

  • w/ 7 inserters Plus-cover feeder & card Feeder
    w/ 4th/5th Knife attachment from spine sizes 2.8125 to 9.3125
    W/Loop Stitch attachments
    W/Red, White, Blue, & Black & Brass Staples
  • Sickinger Auto Wire Coil
  • Sickinger Twinsetter Auto Wire O
  • Muller Martini Monostar Perfect Binder

  • w/16 auto inserters and 2 hand stations
    Signature order proofing system
    w/PUR glue capability
  • Inline Muller Martini Merit 3 Knife Trimmer
  • Wohlenberg Model "C" Three Knife Trimmer
  • Horizon 30 bin collator/Multibinder
  • Marlon Wire-0 w/Calendar Loop attachment
  • Spiel Plastic Coilmaster II Binding system
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